Why we must all vote in this coming election

Election 2020: National’s law and order policy – specialist gangs unit, patches banned in public

National’s law and order policy is the reason why we must all vote in this coming election. Tough on gangs has never changed anything. This country has a long history of governments and political parties playing the “gang card” to scare people into voting for them so they can take office and impose laws that make our lives more difficult. Arguably when governments impose such draconian measures gang numbers and incidents increase not decrease. The truth of the matter is governments cannot legislate the gangs out of existence. Gangs exist because of the failure of social and economic policies. Gangs are to some extent a silent rebellion against the alienation imposed upon them by those who sought power to privilege the wealthy elite, whether it be by the way of the urban drift process, the policy of assimilation or the neo liberal economic agenda of the last 30 years. The by-product of these policies is the creation of the haves and the have-nots.

Today’s generation of gang members are the children from the era of the benefit cuts and low wages, thus the growth in economic and social disparities where the marginalised and unskilled commit crime to survive. It is for these reasons the gang community has only one option in this election and that is to vote Labour. Voting Labour not because we necessarily support Labour but we need to vote Labour to keep Judith and National out. When you look at the gang numbers we have a voice if we care to use it. Lets start using it now for our own survival and freedom.

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